Varsity Math 

Varsity Math is a local initiative to promote math pride in AP students at Northbrook High School, a public school in Houston, TX serving 2700 students, 90% of whom are from underserved demographic groups. Through the use of student funds, kids get t-shirts, patches, stickers, sunglasses, and an end of the year party. For a brief period of time, a line of Varsity Math accessories and clothing were made available for sale. Some time in the future the opportunity to purchase those items will come up again.

At the moment, you can sponsor the program through the Silver and Gold Sponsorship options. Not all students are able to cover the costs associated with Varsity Math (no student is ever told they can’t participate due to an inability to pay), and 100% of money contributed by sponsorships will have an impact on the classroom experience for students.

If you just want to contribute in some smaller way, the donation button lets you set a custom amount.

All proceeds go towards funding student activities.

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