Previously in my Calculus curriculum journey, I hacked together a progression. Lots of positives from the approach. The main idea is that it's valuable to see the entire course up front and slowly iterate on the various ways to apply the two big concepts. In the end, it seemed to work. Room for improvement though, as always.

Presenting the updated version of the plan.

The second page existed in the previous version, but I don't think I shared it. There are subtle modifications throughout, mostly to reflect what actually happened as I worked my way through the original draft. The first semester was pretty jam packed in last year's version, so I altered the goals for some of the grading periods, pushing material down the line. Our pace in the second semester is much more comfortable.

Huge, huge, huge goal for me instructing this year is to focus on the abstract. Applying the chain rule, product rule, and quotient rule when only given "f(x)" and "g(x)" terms for example.

Plus a fair bit of these problems:

Bruce Cohen - TMC16 Morning Session

To the new Calculus student, this feels difficult, but is elegantly simple. Quite honestly it summarizes the AB curriculum quite nicely.

Feeling good about it.

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