What an interesting six weeks it’s been. Through an unexpected series of events, I have found that my attention needs to be focused on stuff happening locally at school. Turns out if you’re in a place long enough, you wind up with a lot of things to do. A comparison:

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 2.34.42 PM.png

Once upon a time I used to teach a single prep and coached soccer, that was it. These days I have 3 preps, random administrative/paperwork tasks, co-sponsor our National Honor Society, sponsor our math competition team, coach volleyball, and in recent weeks have had to sub in for soccer. In the last six weeks, not only did TMC fall apart, but our head principal announced his departure at the end of the school year, and our head boys soccer coach took an administrative job effective immediately. Though he continues with team duties through the end of the season, there was a stray athletic period that I got tapped to cover and plan. It’s also that time of year where new students are invited to join National Honor Society, there’s an awards dinner to plan, and our math competition is in a couple weeks. Oh, and AP exams are soon too.

The students need me and I’ve cut out things unrelated to those activities, which includes a decrease in writing. In fact, some major changes on that front as well.

For example:

Writing that took just a couple minutes, it conveys the point succinctly and got 2300 impressions. A blog post on the same idea would’ve taken 30 minutes or so to write and maybe generated 100 views. Blogs as an effective way to spread ideas feels pretty dead.

In fact, it’s more grim when I dive into history.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 2.34.52 PM.png

That’s 5 years worth of data. Teachers are seemingly interested in archives, nice and prepackaged things. That 19.89% from Specific Posts is 3 specific posts. Two are from 2012, the other from 2015. You have to scroll a long time to find anything from the last two years.

I’ve always said it’s never about the numbers, it’s about pleasing your main audience, yourself. Well, my main audience doesn’t really need this format anymore either. I know my moves and I know my philosophy. There have only been tiny iterations in the last couple years, and all of them very specific to my teaching situation. I also find I’m repeating myself in a number of posts, as I know people are not intimately aware of things I’ve written in the past.

Starting in June, I’m reconstructing this site. I’m going to make my general philosophies and classroom management ideas easier to find and better present my archives. The blog as it was will remain in tact and none of those links will go dead. But with seven and a half years worth of ideas, I need some organization. So many things I’ve written about are out of date with my current thinking.

Thank you for your patronage. There is still value in this resource and I want to do a better job of making it easier to navigate while allowing me to focus on the local stuff that matters.

AuthorJonathan Claydon