This moment is a little surreal. If you’ve never heard the origin story of Varsity Math, here’s the moment I revealed it at TMC 15.

At TMC 16, I spread the love to everyone in attendance, offering a free sticker to all 200 some-odd attendees. In the years since, Varsity Math has become an enshrined institution at my school. Kids are incredibly all in on the concept.

At recent conferences, I’ll sport my Varsity Math merchandise and people will ask me for some. I am only able to give out a handful of extra stock that’s left over from the school year. And I always feel bad because there’s not really a lot to go around, and I don’t want people to feel left out. Others want to get something going like this with their department but may not have the means to generate merchandise. This year, I am excited to announce that you, teachers at large, can join on the fun as well. After figuring out a lot of random paperwork, Varsity Math is now a legally recognized company in the state of Texas.

Starting in November, an online store will open at which will redirect to a page on this site. It will be open for a couple weeks as I test out taking and fulfilling orders. Some months later it will probably open up again. You can guarantee I will do a run for TMC 19. On offer will be stickers, t-shirts, socks, and sponsorships. If you purchase a sponsorship, 100% of that money will go towards the various Varsity Math activities at my school. Students are not always able to cover the costs associated with the merchandise and activities I provide. Traditionally I am able to cover their costs, but outside help will allow me to do more and possibly, one day, lower the cost of entry for all students.

I have put out feelers and it seems like there’s a demand, now we’ll see what happens. If you would like official Varsity Math gear, keep an eye on this space and Twitter for the opening of the store. Talk to people in your math department and buy shirts as a group! I would love to see you all sporting the best in math clothing (next to Desmos swag).

Huge thanks to everyone who has shown enthusiasm for my little high school joke and got me to this day. See you soon!

AuthorJonathan Claydon