AP scores came out last week. Last year I did some digging around with my numbers and was hopeful. This year, well...

This data combines kids in AB only and the AB subscores from the BC group. They were, by far, the most capable group I've had. They showed a lot of growth during the year. They did some great stuff when I made an explicit point to get better on free response. All my indications told me that they should've done fine. I even had what I thought was an extensive prep process. All told, great group. I am not mad at them (any of you random kids who might read this, I'm not mad at you, for serious kthxbye). And yet CollegeBoard replies "lol, you wish."

I've got nothing here. Apparently something went terribly wrong. When you pull out BC, it's like, kinda better, but not really.

Most likely the sheer scope of the course got to them in the end. The fact that so many at least registered on the AB scale is encouraging. I don't think there's anything wrong with how we invite kids into this course.

But It's Just...

A thousand times yes. It's one indicator. I'm still good at teaching, yadda, yadda, yadda. I get it. I'm more or less just frustrated and some of that you wouldn't necessarily understand if you don't work at my school and understand what happens at all points in our feeder patterns. There are a lot of issues out of my control. There have been some meetings with admin (who are super supportive, btw, no one's mad there either) to discuss what we can work on that's within our control. There are some ideas in the works.

That said, there is not a single thing on these exams that is outside what our students can do. If we're going to put ourselves out there as super proud nerds and everything, it would be reasonable to have some results to back it all up. Accepting that we're going to suck at these exams forever is not going to happen. I would like to quit hiding behind the "it's just one indicator" thank you.

Anyway, teaching is hard. Reading these reports sucked and now I have more work to do this summer than I thought. Blehhhhhhhhhhhhh

AuthorJonathan Claydon