Some goals/projects for the summer:


Something I've been meaning to do for years and couldn't make myself do. I'm going to try my hardest to keep from having to invent stuff as a go next school year. That means formalizing how I'm going to progress through topics and the relevant classwork that goes with it. And then, sticking with it. Like, minimal changes as we go along. For the most part I have a feel for how stuff should work, a major rewrite isn't necessary. Writing down all the hair brained things I've come up with a little more so.

Summer Camp

A random idea returns for Year 3 in a few days. I've got one batch of 21 campers entering at least one of our AP courses (Statistics, Calc AB, Calc BC). I've gotten a lot better at planning these mornings to give kids time to dive into the activities. Last year was a great success and I'm hoping for the same here. The main idea is to pose one interesting activity of the day, teach them a new skill, and show them a variety of games.


What started with one wall is now spreading all over the school. Enabled by our librarian who was a former art teacher, we adding some color and spirit around the school this summer. Work is already underway.


We have a variety of murals around the school. These will be a set of three, one on each floor. The school mascot will go in the white circle with the floor numbers indicated on the far right side.


Only one stop this year, TMC 18 in Cleveland, OH. I'm giving two presentations and possibly a My Favorite. Depends on what I can think of. My first presentation on July 20 is a rehash of a successful one from last year, Calculus for the Algebra Teacher. I'll walk through some ideas from middle school (slope of a line, composite area) and show where they reappear in a Calc 1 course. The next day on July 21 I'm tag-teaming with TMC keynoter Julie Reulbach for Assessmos, a look at how Desmos Activity Builder can be used for in class assessment tasks big and small. I'll be bringing my mega-giant Calculus benchmarks for you to play with.

Probably a wise idea to mute me the morning of July 22. I will be spitting incoherent nonsense about possible locations for TMC 19.

AuthorJonathan Claydon