It's time for another round of Twitter Math Camp live from Cleveland!

TMC is really the only conference I attend in a year. I don't get a lot of value from massive conferences because I'm not usually on the look out for the kinds of things those conferences have to offer. Even in any given TMC I'll usually find one random thing that proves to be useful. Here's my collection from the previous five.


Desmos was a more fascinating tool than I realized at the time. I went to a session that demo'd Penny Circle before it was live to the world and it became a useful activity in my class for a couple years after.


I learned to contribute at this one. I helped run a morning session on Algebra 2 which validated a lot of kooky ideas I had about the subject.


Glenn gave a My Favorite about high fiving students that has become a daily routine in my classes. Students often comment about how it's favorite thing and that it's sad when it's time for their last one. An extremely close runner up is the My Favorite I presented where I went public with Varsity Math.


Had a mini revelation about Calculus here. The morning session I attended offered a lot of interesting problems but one in particular about the way f, f', f'' interact with one another really stuck with me. I've used it to model how I approach the topic ever since.


Attended a quality morning session on debates in math class that helped me remember how fascinating Talking Points can be if you can find the right prompts. I have yet to get a chance to implement this one but it's definitely been on the back burner for a while.

If you happen to be attending TMC for the first time, I encourage you to just find one thing that's particularly fascinating to you. There are going to be lots of great sessions. You don't need to implement everything you see. Honestly, for me it's not really about the content of the sessions but the big positive vibe you get being around so many people who are REALLY into being a math teacher.

AuthorJonathan Claydon