Every so often the stars align and we have a real casual experience all day long in my room. Yesterday was the end of a marking period and every kid was in “finish this stuff” mode.

In Calculus we were wrapping up a function analysis project:

BC Calculus was up to something similar, and we talked about a benchmark they took recently.

Over in College Algebra kids had two tasks to accomplish, wrap up a project on polynomials:

…and take a test. After submitting their project, they grabbed their weekly (ish) assessment and completed it on their own time. College Algebra is a very casual environment. Whole group instruction isn’t really a thing in there. In any given week kids have a to do list (new lesson, assignment, assessment) and have to complete it by the end of the week. There are 23 kids in this class and they work at 23 different paces. Often that means a handful are done early. Most of the time they’ll get a bonus activity (via Desmos or something else), or sometimes I’ll bust out the puzzles:

So, in yesterday’s 50 minute period, lots of kids were wrapping up their assessment, a few handed in their projects and started/finished the assessment, and others were finished, all with some Weezer in the background. 23 kids, all hanging out, taking care of whatever they needed to get done.

And it played out that way all day long. Hanging out, doing some math, listening to music. It is my favorite learning environment. To spend the whole day in it is simply sublime.

AuthorJonathan Claydon