We had a bit of a rainstorm over the weekend. No one wanted to believe the predictions of 30" of rain, and yet:

Official rain gauge totals for previous 7 days

To answer the main question: I'm fine, the family I have here are fine, and nearly everyone I've checked in with are fine. For whatever random reasons, all got through this with minimal to no damage. My school district as a whole is fine. My school had no damage and the area immediately around my school saw minimal high water. That part is surprising because the area has been prone to flooding before. We got lucky.

Things are not completely rosy in the area. There are two schools who have people affected not so much directly by the storm but by the measures necessary to avoid an even bigger catastrophe. You have probably seen a dozen armchair quarterback twitter threads on the drainage situation around here, this is specifically how it affects my school district:

The southern border of our district is a bayou that is used for runoff during large rain events. At the moment both our emergency reservoirs are full and it is the best interest of the city to drain them as much as possible. A breach at either of these would be horrific. The bayou was already swollen from the hurricane and the reservoirs are being released at rates that would minimize the existing swelling. That means homes that took on water will retain that water for several days as the release continues. In some instances where the channel is narrow, the water has risen and gotten into homes that were not flooded before.

Two high schools have people affected by this issue.

If you would like to give specifically to people in my area, you have two options:

Stratford High School Amazon Wishlist

Spring Branch Education Foundation Pledge Drive

These two campaigns will go directly to the people in my area. I can vouch for the Education Foundation, they turn over almost all the money they receive to people who need it. They run a yearly scholarship campaign that strives to give every child who applies an award.

There are other parts of town that were affected far more. Many school districts have water in buildings, a significant percentage of their populations are displaced, and a restart to school is very up in the air.

I don't have links to specific campaigns, but off the top of my head Fort Bend ISD, Friendswood ISD, Pearland ISD, Dickinson ISD, Katy ISD, Houston ISD, and Humble ISD are all areas that have bigger problems than we do.

If you would like to contribute to the campaign at large, the Mayor of Houston has established a fund for this purpose.

Greater Houston Community Foundation

We have yet to announce a restart date for school, fingers crossed we can get going as soon as possible.

AuthorJonathan Claydon