It's a little baffling that this is our sixth adventure out on the sidewalk.

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I'm a fan of big, obvious evidence that my classes have something to say. Sidewalk Chalk Day is one of the oldest ways we make that happen.

This year, about 250 students in Pre-Calculus and Calculus took to perimeter of our school and decorated the campus. For Pre-Cal, students were tasked with designing two types of polar equations. They graph the functions and write the equation responsible. Calculus has played along too, but never on the same day. Their task was to generate a slope field, region between curves, or f/f'/f'' family and immortalize it in chalk. Students use Desmos, print out their creation and bring to life like it's elementary school all over again.

Fly High

For the latest installment I brought along some new helpers:

It's always hard to capture the scope of this project as it has grown over the years. We cover about half a mile of sidewalk over the course of 5 hours and consume a small mountain of chalk. These spectacular views brought to you by my robot friends:

It's a great way to spend a spring day. Enjoy this fly-by:

AuthorJonathan Claydon