Have you been teaching for a long time? Do you feel like there were certain points where something changed? When some aspect of the profession just starting clicking in a way it hadn't before? This summer I'm going to spend some time ruminating on big moments in my career so far. Where else could we go? What might be a solved problem? How could this help someone new to the profession?

Topics of Discussion:

Assessment - what are you trying to learn about your students?
Curriculum - what story are you trying to tell during the year?
Teaching People - what gains can you make when you pay attention to who you're teaching?
Technology - what happens when you focus on simple workflows?
Production - what tools make your materials the best they can be?
Push - what can iteration do for your students?
Family - what if you treat a class period like a community?

Collector's Edition:

Music - what if you grit your teeth and learn to love trashy pop songs?

It's fascinating how your attitudes about teaching can change, and I hope this reflection reveals some opportunities about what could be next.

AuthorJonathan Claydon