It's the third year of Varsity Math. It's a point of pride for me and has graduated from "what's that?" to "oh, of course" status at my school.

Last year I added some embroidered patches to the apparel set. They had adhesive backs designed to stick to stuff. Turns out it was difficult to find surfaces they liked to stick to. Sewing them on was the more practical application. Kids didn't get much use of them. This year, I spent a little more money and got two-piece velcro patches. I wasn't sure what the kids might do with them, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover the backing piece made it a perfect lanyard accessory.

Typically you can't spot the Varsity Math crew unless they're wearing their shirts. Now this everyday accessory let's them show math pride everyday. It's quite a majority sporting the badges, the 12th grade counselor even sports one! It's an especially fun game of "spot the nerd" when we've had senior assemblies.

This club that's not a club is fantastic and makes me happy every day, but how do you keep the momentum going when 95-100% of your members graduate every year? It was time to make our place in the school permanent.

Coming (very slowly) to a wall near my classroom is the Varsity Math Hall of Fame. Above you can see my current crew beginning the long process of assembling what will become the stencil for the wall. Many hours of gluing and cutting later we should have a nice looking finished product.

This corner has gone unused for years and was the perfect spot for something like this. It won't be done until the end of the month (we only have a small window of time once a week to focus on it), but it will be a great place for me to display yearly photos and recognize students who pass the AP Exam.

The sudden appearance of the maroon wall has already generated buzz amongst the other students who travel through my hall.

AuthorJonathan Claydon