Something I saw recently that surprised and didn't surprise me:

There's a Dear New Teacher moment for you. Dear New Teacher, did anyone prepare you for the sheer number of people you will speak to on a regular basis? I never thought about that part. And seven years in, it's the craziest part of the job.

My class sizes have been creeping up and up, making that 1000 exchange thing seem like a low number. On any given day just doing the job requires me to acknowledge and interact with around 230 students. Ignore all the adults I have to speak with or random kids saying hi in the hallway. People wonder why I'm not particularly social outside of school. Do you even social?

It's the most exhausting but rewarding part of the day. The important part? Treating all 200 some odd of those conversations like it's the only one you're going to have that day. It can be a hard thing to remember.

Also, that thing Fawn said about 112 reasons not to leave. That right there.

AuthorJonathan Claydon