The Calculus exam is in two days. My ambitious plan played out well on my end. There was plenty of time to work through review. I have now told the kids to stop studying. Cramming on May 3rd isn't going to make a miracle happen. Plus there are other tests they should probably worry about.

How did review go? Kids showed up, my after school schedule was slightly derailed by some freak flooding, but adjustments were made. I didn't quite get them all in as much as I wanted, but the dedicated ones were there. The biggest take away is that none of my 51 test takers seem lost. I bring up a topic and they can fairly quickly recall the strategies and concepts associated with it. Whether that translates into performance in an exam setting, who knows. We scanned some released material together, nothing really shocked them. They saw plenty of things they knew how to do or recognized. I thought I had done a good job preparing kids last year, but I realize that it just wasn't enough. We are in such a better position.

I won't be proven write or wrong for months, but sitting here today my gut feeling says 55% of them pass, about 25% will do so handily. The 2 crowd could prove me wrong, we'll see. Not three years ago such realistic chances were just a bunch of wishful thinking.

Only like 9 weeks to wait this out...ugh.

AuthorJonathan Claydon