Time for another one, this time a draft of what I'm looking to do in Pre-Cal.

This is what you'd call a living document, similar to any sort of first draft I do for a course. I'll probably start working with this, mark it up like crazy and produce something a little better next year.

Major design goal was to ditch the Algebra review at the beginning of the year. Diving straight into trig feels like it will be fun. It will be some familiar ideas from geometry, sure, but my history with this course has shown that kids aren't quite grasping the why from geometry. Or at least, it's worn off by the time they get to me.

In all things I want students to understand why something works. Because my math teacher said so is not a sufficient answer.

The Algebra chunk, when it's time, will be a bit more thorough. In the past it's been some review of quadratics at that's it. A couple years with Calculus has shown me that we should go deeper here. There's a lot of topics that only got a surface glance in Algebra II that need the "why?" answered.

Reading this you probably wouldn't say this is the most amazing Pre Cal plan in the world. It's really not. But what I want to do when it's time for the material is really dive in to what makes it tick. For example:

This vector project felt so deep last year. Nearly every vector concept was hidden behind the phrase "draw me a picture." So simple. So not.

How do I bring more of that to the table? Can't wait to figure it out.

AuthorJonathan Claydon