In July I got a phone call from a number with an Austin area code saying I was named as a finalist in the state of Texas for the 2015 PAEMST competition. Completing the application took the better part of 3 months, and the video taped lesson was quite the ordeal, but clearly we managed to capture something good.

Last week at the Texas State Board of Education meeting for the first quarter of 2016, myself and the other nominees were recognized.

No, the meeting doesn't take place inside the state capitol, unfortunately. Though naturally, Texas-shaped trophies make the best trophies. Being involved in all of this has been very interesting, and a lot of people want to shake your hand. The real winners are the students I chose to video tape, the people who helped plan/shoot the video, and all of you teachers on the internet who helped shape the procedures and teaching style I was able to put on display. I just hope the national committee announces their choice before these kids graduate college.

For the curious, I submitted a video of my kids working through Polar Coordinates, specifically the opening exploration activity. The long essays discussed all the introductory activities and the follow up: sidewalk chalk.

AuthorJonathan Claydon