On July 16 I presented a My Favorite at Twitter Math Camp. It's a follow up to a presentation I gave the year before. I discuss the ways in which the program expanded at my school. A recording (with the slides embedded) is below:

Main points: Varsity Math is now the blanket term for AP Math classes at my school; membership is up; we did some outreach at our middle schools; laser tag in the cafeteria is the best thing ever; it's a summer program now; YOU'RE INVITED!

If you attended TMC 16, I handed out Varsity Math membership stickers with instructions to 1) come up with a member number 2) write it in the white box 3) take a picture and tweet "I'm on the team! #varsitymath"

But what about you, dear reader who wasn't there and might be upset you missed out on the fun? Well, I have roughly 50 stickers remaining. If you'd like one, get in touch and we can make arrangements. If you're interested in how to start such a branded movement at your school, I'd be happy to help you with that also.

AuthorJonathan Claydon