It's about time for the AP Exam. The students are registered and it's time to see if I can be a bit more organized this time. Bonus! We covered everything I wanted to in respectable detail, rather than the horrible rush job I pulled last year. Main features:

  • skill reviews through warm ups and some explicit class work
  • focus on free response questions through my own, home grown Ultimate™ Free Response Questions (8 questions with 7 to 10 parts each covering most possibilities)
  • no class time dedicated to a practice exam, too time consuming
  • after school sessions to provide smaller, more focused groups (I have two classes size 32 and 36, it's hard to address all their needs)

I did the after school bit last year and it was pretty useful. We spent a lot of time with released material and the kids made a lot of progress in the three weeks I did it. This year I have more kids and that required a bit more organization.

The sessions aren't mandatory, but I strongly suggested they would be a good idea. I gave nine dates and I said they should show up to a minimum of three, but maybe no more than that, because I'll probably be repeating myself.

The ultimate free response questions were quite the labor of organizing and pouring over released questions. I can't post them because they are heavily inspired by College Board material and would probably get me in trouble.

What I CAN share, are inspired by a couple of my trademark dumb tweets.

The titles were too good to NOT use.

The source PDF file for interested parties.

Still holding my breath here. Our progress through the free response will slowly allow me to exhale.

AuthorJonathan Claydon