More goofy classroom culture things for you. I enjoy writing tests. When it comes to final exams, it's always fun to throw a few curve balls in there to lighten the mood.

From 2010, featuring a dated Lady Gaga reference:

From 2011, featuring a less dated musical reference:

This one drew probably the funniest answer I've gotten to one of these. I'm paraphrasing but the answer went something like "I would drown myself in the ocean so I didn't have to live in a world without him." That particular student had a lot of greatest hits when it came to creative answers. Goofy questions is a time honored tradition around here and this year's was pretty good. It went like this:

43. Draw a kitty in a spaceship. Yes, you read that correctly. DRAW THE KITTY.

And here are 12 cats piloting spaceships, because I know what you want:

A little irreverence in the face of stoic final exam culture is not a bad thing.

AuthorJonathan Claydon