You want to see the inside of my cabinet? Sure you do.

1. An oddball space that's hard to use. Other than the boxes, crates, and tubs, I use this space for poster tubes and a boom microphone pole. What few posters I still have kicking around sit in here.

2. The shelf kids always spot when I open up. Here sits cups, puzzles, a couple jengas, Uno, Zombie Dice, and playing cards. There is a Barbie in there, but you can you only spot the foot.

3. The Hotel Snap shelf. Several tubs of linking cubes with more cups and old signs for classes I no longer teacher.

4. Primarily for colored paper. Also featuring a bell, party plates, boxes with unused iPad chargers, batteries and the Varsity Math cash box. Oh, and cups.

5. Video equipment lives here. The shotgun mic, camera, and audio recorder are tucked away in this area, plus tennis balls, mini whiteboards, erasers, poker chips, an Iron Man mask, and oh...more cups.

6. Duct tape, old notebook tubs that are too small (would you believe I had class sizes in the 20s once?), and a box with log war cards, trig war cards, and straws. Probably a cup hidden in here.

7. And lastly, bulkier items. My printer lives down here in the summer. For the school year, we've got a lamp I no longer use, power strip, toner refills, a couple thousand straws, and Promethean accessories I don't use. No cups to speak of, just a random roll of neon orange tape.

When I first inherited this thing, it was half full with a set of Algebra 2 books and the piles and piles and piles and piles of resources that textbook companies thought I needed (spoiler: didn't). One year I decided warehousing textbooks was not the purpose of this thing and finally arranged it in a functional manner.

AuthorJonathan Claydon