I've stumbled upon a lot of random things in the midst of camp, and this is a good one.

If you're of a certain vintage, you probably played a text adventure or two. You remember, the "use lamp" and "exit north" variety as you try not to die. Well these folks Memento Mori make a variety of "text adventures" that can be played out loud with a group of people. The maps/situations are small enough to fit on a single sheet of paper and you can run through the game (with plenty of error) in about 40 minutes.

Best part? There are a ton of scenarios and the PDFs cost a whopping $1.99.

It's a fun introduction to some old school computer programming, as your players have to speak in simple commands such as "go north," "save game" and "examine backpack." As the moderator it's great to stymie them with a "I don't understand that."

In camp this week I have 8 pairs of 2. Each pair gets to say one command then the next pair goes. Watch as the group hopelessly wanders in and out of the same place as the other side of the room screams in frustration!

If you'd like to hear a few adults wander around the jungle aimlessly, listen to The Incomparable Game Show #33.

AuthorJonathan Claydon