UPDATE FALL 2015: Varsity Math 2.0

We have a bit of an AP retention problem at my school. Kids sign up and give up. As newly installed Calculus teacher this was a problem I wanted to solve. It started with some heavy handed talk at the beginning of the year about how no one's letting them out anymore. That worked. Some kids asked about leaving and were denied. And then, accidentally, I found another way. Thanks to something stupid I did when I was 18.

And then it just kind of escalated.

And now, coming in a week or so, we will have official Varsity Math t-shirts. I styled them up to look like a letter jacket, patches and everything. For $20 kids get a shirt, contribute to an ad in the yearbook (you better believe we're taking a team photo), and the rest goes towards having some food on the Friday before the AP Test. And then we might go play laser tag. Like, for real.

It's the dumbest and best thing.

AuthorJonathan Claydon