My classroom is not the biggest, so to give the students the room they need, I downsized my corner significantly.

This is what little space I keep for myself. But it works out well with how I run my room. My kids do a lot of working on their own, but I don't do that thing where they work and I sit away isolated in a "don't talk to me" kind of way. In fact, this little desk encourages me to wander the room.

A few years in I realized I don't do a lot of work at school. The only time I ever sit down for long periods of time is if I'm giving tests all day. There's room enough to grade if I so choose. I have a stack of plastic trays for graded papers on that big white computer cart. I usually have errands to do during my one break period. Should I ever need some space, I just sit at the student tables.

And no, that computer isn't used for instruction. I have another one for that. That's part of the reason this succeeds, there are no cables running over here.

Other than needing a chair with armrests, this idea worked out. It kind of had to.

AuthorJonathan Claydon