As average class size ticks up (31 last year, 33.8 this year), more and more space needs to be sacrificed for student comfort. For several years teacher space has started to disappear. It was pretty irrelevant last year, even smaller now.

Next, some other public areas need to disappear. Last year I had a supply table.

The thinking was for the sake of cleanliness I'd keep all the mess making stuff at the front. Kids could come grab it as necessary. It worked fine, although with the usual "send someone to get supplies" delays. I need this table for other things, so added features to buckets on each of my six tables.

The thought is I can install a "the bucket should look like this" procedure at the end of each class period. I haven't had problems with bucket maintenance, but I'd like it if my little scissor cups weren't destroyed throughout the year. It'd be nice to pick up 45-60 seconds here and there now that there's no need for supply runs. Why not put markers in here? Have you seen what kids can do to markers?

AuthorJonathan Claydon