This year is highlighted by a bold Calculus curriculum. I chopped everything up into random bits loosely based around a set of themes. I ditched the textbook and write my own homework. I'm grading on an A/B/NY scale. It's crazy! And I think, just maybe, we are making significant progress.

Reality has drifted away from expectations. Here's the curriculum progression as we close the first semester.

I didn't quite hit my marks. And a couple of things are getting pushed to later. Primarily because the first semester is so dense with material, the 2nd six weeks in particular. But, if you look really hard at what's coming up in semester two (4th and 5th six weeks), you can imagine that there will be lots of room to play with there.

The most positive aspect has been showing them what an integral is in October. It's made a world of difference as far as my ability to dive into the relationships between f, f prime, and f double prime. Also great to further connect position/velocity/acceleration when you can show them an abstract area under the curve that will produce the units of the function "above" it.

How does this compare to last year? I think I'm easily five weeks ahead. Our emphasis on the conceptual ideas has been huge. Mock AP performance has been through the roof too in comparison.

Fingers continue to be crossed.

AuthorJonathan Claydon