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A few tweaks this year. Previously the equations were scripted. I handed out a list and kids made the picture and then drew it outside. This year they designed their own: one limaçon and one rose curve with appropriate equation or table. I showed them how to do all sorts of odd things with rose curves. The scope expanded as well, enrolling my co-worker and her troupe. In total it was about 230 students who produced two graphs each. No joke, all of that put together covers about 2000 linear feet. Powered by Desmos. Because, duh.

Selected images:

There were a lot of pokéballs. Tons of these were fantastic. The size of this installation is ridiculous. Unlike previous years, it's not scheduled to rain right away so this will stay put for a while.

Three years ago I had a stupid idea walking to my car. You never know, man.

AuthorJonathan Claydon