Previously I examined results from my first A/B/Not Yet Calculus Assessment.

Now we've had a second one. It covered two new topics and the optional Limits retake I included because the class average was so low. Here are the numbers:

The retake had the intended effect. Students who opted in generally improved their rating. I had a few who performed the same (whether that was a B or NY previously). I learned a couple things from this. First, I will keep including optional retakes from time to time, but I'm not going to make it a guarantee. I worry about student dependence on those. It's been an issue with SBG experiments in AP classes at my school. Thus, the Asymptote category up there I'm going to leave it up to students to improve that on their own time. In the event I do I put an optional, in-class retake on something, I'm going to have students request it in advance. I didn't count, but the number of students who attempted the Limits section wasn't worth making all the copies. Now I think I'll keep them on smaller, separate slips and only make copies for those that request them.

Due to some weirdness in our upcoming schedule, I'm going to address the Asymptote issue through a little daily "test" like I do with parent functions and unit circle values.

I make solutions available, so I am limiting the feedback I give. I need to structure what happens when they get a test back a little better, but I think I'm getting them to buy in to using the solutions as a resource. I'm also getting better at being harsh when making the decision between a B and a NY.

I'm liking the set up so far. The next big step is the transition to a majority of AP material as our assessment base.

AuthorJonathan Claydon