This summer I come up on three years maintaining this site. Has the mission changed?

When people discuss online collaboration and contribution, some will mention that you have to be a little selfish. And primarily, I'm the primary reader. I am thrilled that other people draw benefits from it. But if anything, I have benefited the most.

The three biggest points I will cite to anyone thinking about archiving their teaching online:

  • You can assemble supplemental materials for your appraiser in a snap. Every year I have a dozen or more blog links as evidence that I met school year goals.
  • Even though no one really looks at them, I love my photo collection. It provides source material for great classroom conversation pieces. And again, valuable evidence.
  • Should you ever be nominated for an award, or field a question from a curious teacher, or lead professional development, it is the first place you can turn to show people how you do you. Nothing makes you look more prepared than a massive archive of everything you've done and the ability to say "here."

I love how this has helped me improve my practices. And thank you to everyone that motivates me to keep it fresh.

AuthorJonathan Claydon