Summer time, or 12 weeks of unpaid leave, however you want to look at it. As always, I have projects.

The carpet in there isn't aging well. I have less official things on the agenda this year, so there's a little more time for planning. Pre-Cal is overdue for some examination and there is lots to do in Calculus.

A summary of upcoming events:

  • There are rumors of large scale Chromebook deployments in a few years, and there are already pilot programs. I was asked to explore and was given a Chromebook. Then I made some appointments with Vaudry, Stevens, and the Butler to see what might work.
  • I want to take Pre-Cal down to foundations and see if there are ways to do better, something I've been calling the Pillars of Pre-Cal in my head. I drew inspiration from a final review I had lying around where the second semester fit into 4 nice little areas. I really liked how much Calculus we were able to do.
  • The Calculus remodel involves taking a page from the Pivot Algebra Two project. I need to pass through the material a lot more times. Student feedback indicated that AP level stuff would've been nice a little sooner, and the most challenging thing was when we started adding context (what does an integral mean, etc). The sooner I can start throwing that stuff around the better. I see them 5 days a week next year. Throwback Thursday is sticking around. We're getting new textbooks too with more online access for the kids. Will homework stick around? This year's group said it should. But what role will the textbook have, if at all?
  • I hoping to be able to celebrate some progress when AP scores release on July 6.
  • This site has always been geared for me as the primary audience, but over the last year a lot of people have started using it as a resource. The Top 10 items every month involve my various content areas. Something I've also noticed is that I don't have the best explanations for how I go through a topic. Glenn has started explaining his Algebra 2 methods in better detail, I'm going to sketch out a series for Pre-Cal. Hopefully that helps the "how do you...." crowd find some better answers.
  • No major purchases! Classroom build out is pretty much done. Other than reload some supplies, it's in good shape.
  • I might have found a way to manage the stuff on all the iPads I have lying around. Maybe, almost.
  • Staff development slows down a little bit too. TMC15 in Claremont is going to be a good time. I'm not presenting this time so maybe I'll be less exhausted when it's over. I'm instructing a few courses locally in August over the standard stuff: notebooks, SBG, and Desmos.

I'm looking forward to what these projects might yield. Will any of it surpass eating cheeseburgers with Stadel? To be determined.

AuthorJonathan Claydon