It has ended. It was excellent. It had kittens.

A recap of some of the events.


Headed to the airport at 5am after little to no sleep. All in an attempt to make it to a taping of the Price is Right. We showed up with 5 minutes to spare to what we thought would be a quick day. It's a 40 minute off the cuff show, how long could it take to film? Seven lines and five hours later, I sat in the studio audience. Then there was two hours of clapping and screaming.

Finally made it to the hotel for the meet and greet at 9pm.


Day 1 excitement! I presented a lot last year. I wanted to take a break this year. But I had a My Favorite I couldn't pass up. I gave a short speech about Varsity Math. And a Cheeto.

I was in the Desmos morning session. Lots of Pre-Cal and Calculus people in there. Glenn Waddell, Bob Lochel, Jedidiah Butler, and Michael Fenton offered four mini groups to focus on the wide range of subjects represented in the room. Lots of play time. Fenton helped me make my solar system prettier. Picked up on some stats functions that I didn't know were built in.

In the afternoon I attended a talk about Formative Assessment with Peg Cagle and how she managed rooms of 40. Helped me with some ideas I have about assessment in Calculus. Then a fun round table lead by Sadie Estrella. Thirty minutes of people telling great stories.


In true TMC fashion, I got a look at secret Desmos features that will appear in about a week. Just in time for a presentation I'm supposed to give about the subject next month. I asked Eli my annual set of two questions.

In the afternoon I sat in on a number sense session from my man Stadel and Graham Fletcher. It was an interesting experiment using Estimation 180 in which some people are shown a task that helps with a new estimate and others aren't. We also spent about 10 minutes trying to decide what number was halfway between 10 and 1000.

In the evening the California locals threw a BBQ in a park nearby. The food was delicious. John Stevens brought an adorable set of helpers.


The energy begins to drain. More play time in the Desmos morning session. At this point it was a lot of hopping around the room looking at what people were working on. Had some fun Pre Cal discussions.

As promised one year ago, I rode in the Estimation Mobile and we got cheeseburgers. I think we invented two estimation tasks and a 3ACTS waiting for In N Out.

Fawn Nguyen gave a keynote. Nobody cared. (Everybody cared).

And finally, I spent an hour spitballing ideas about AP Calculus with some people. I have lots of work to do there before school starts.


TMC13 was full of wonder and being a fangirl. TMC14 was a chance to start sharing and being recognized as a contributor to the community. TMC15 was the friendly one. No more fangirl, these were friends with a common goal to be great at their job. There were all sorts of comfortable moments from the Price is Right saga, the meeting room Wednesday night, to the dozens of casual conversations I was able to have with people who are pixels in my timeline the other 360 days of the year. It is a precious 5 days and I think I succeeded in completing my checklist even it's just 5 minutes to say, no, I don't look like a cartoon robot.

Thanks to those of you that indulged my questions and thanks to those of you who said hi and recognized me and my work. I finally got a nice headshot, so I'll be easier to spot. I started documenting stuff for my own benefit but as the audience has slowly creeped up to a pretty big number, it is crazy to know that some of you benefit from it.

Until we meet again in Minneapolis.

(The song was amazing).


AuthorJonathan Claydon