Do you have a regressions unit somewhere? You may know about Penny Circle and Barbie Bungee. Ever wanted something a little more complex to discuss?

Weather Underground has you covered. I live near the ocean and hurricanes are a thing we have to pay attention to from time to time. If you've never been affected, you may not know that hurricane season in the Atlantic runs all the way to November. In the Pacific, typhoons can develop all year long (there were four at once in July). Weather Underground, among other places, has great hurricane tracking charts once a storm has been named.

Great discussion points here. Why is the yellow circle getting wider? Why is the forecast only five days? How does the actual path of the storm compare to the model?

You could make a series of warm ups or something out of this if you found an active storm. The only catch is these charts disappear once the storm has dissipated. There are some other fun charts to poke around with as well (including historical paths of storms that originate from the same latitude as the current one).

AuthorJonathan Claydon