Second semester can be rough. It is a busy time of year for me being "on" for 12 hours most days, and 16 hours on others. By Feburary I'm a little spent. And that's when I'm not trying to teach something for the first time. This February I was a little hashtag overworked, for real. I've always found student opinion to be valuable feedback. I figured prior to Spring Break it was time to take the temperature of the room. I asked my Pre Cal kids if there's anything in particular they liked, whether they found the class difficult, if it's different than prior classes and whether or not they get attention. The pile was large:

Call it fishing for complements, but these are some nice validation after a 10 week grind. It's also a chance to see what the quiet kids have to say. I am always curious about what quiet kids have to say about the hot mess noisy environments I've been known to cultivate.

Here's a selection (click for bigger):

Try it next time you're feeling a little down or if you're worried that something may not be working as intended. I don't spend a lot of time with these, I scan them kind of quickly. I'm looking for a couple of indicators: the student feels comfortable and supported. If most of them tell me that, things are going ok no matter how strung out I may feel.

AuthorJonathan Claydon