Seen non that long ago as a Pre-Cal idea. This variant for Calculus is a little closer to the original described by Kate. Students are given two stacks of cards. A judge is appointed. The judge flips over one card from each stack. Students must draw a graph that meets both conditions. Here are the cards (Word doc).


The white stack focused on things like critical numbers and extrema. The colored stack dealt with the continuity of the function. And of course there were a couple goofy ones thrown in there. Rather than white boards we used a pile of typo-laden tests I had sitting around for drawing.

As far as playing the game goes, I had them pass out chips if someone got it right. Some time later when we did this in Pre-Cal, I found the chips unnecessary. In fact the "who did it best" angle didn't work out so well. Not enough people were sketching it correctly to create debates. So if we play this again in the future, you get credit if you get it correct, and multiple people can get a point. One group eschewed the game entirely and would just flip cards and try to get it right.

As a game with a definitive winner it didn't work out so well. As an activity to foster discussion about graph behavior, it succeeded. I loved that one group just wanted to understand.

AuthorJonathan Claydon