As fall semesters close, there's always those fun final exams to think about. The problem with Calculus is that our seniors are allowed to exempt fall final exams. I can't override it, which is fine, but it influences the kind of final I give. Spend the time to prep something intense and everyone will exempt, wasting the effort. Instead, I put the effort into their third AP Mock Exam of the semester and conduct that a week before final exams start.

So what do you do during the exam period? Enter arts and crafts options.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 10.21.12 PM.png

While they were working I wanted to be able to spend time discussing AP Exam projections with each student, so I picked projects that with loose requirements that covered material they would know the best. I didn't have time to hop around answering lots of questions.

Students could choose one of the options to complete during the final exam period. We broke out the colored paper and markers and it had to be hanging on the wall by the end. They had about an hour and twenty minutes to complete it.

I overhead a lot of good discussions. And my hunch was right, most of them were super comfortable with this stuff. That blew my mind a little bit given that this time last year we had covered approximately zero of the topics considered in each of the options. Bigger bonus, each project was rather conceptual in nature and required them to develop something out of the blue on their own.

Really digging Calculus this year.

AuthorJonathan Claydon