Our seniors leave a week before everyone else. There's a day or two where they are gone but underclassmen finals haven't started yet. Me and the tiny amount of juniors needed something to do. Among the standards (puzzles, Jenga, UNO, etc), I found Zombie Dice.


Simple game, $13 at Target. Play is simple. You are a zombie. Roll three dice to represent the outcome of three victims. Brain means you eat, blast means they fought back, and footsteps mean they ran away. Brains good, blasts bad. Any brains or blasts get set aside and you can choose to roll three more dice. Continue for as long as you want until you choose to stop (at which point you total your brains) or die (three shotgun blasts have been rolled).

Every class I played it with enjoyed it. We set up teams and had everyone roll 3 or 4 times. Plenty of dramatic tension. Plenty of point swings as someone goes on a big brain run.

How is this math related?

If you wanted to revolve a lesson around it, there's a reason the dice are colored. Each has a different proportion of brains, blasts, and footsteps. Red dice have 3 blasts, 2 footsteps, and 1 brain, for example. Lots of potential.


AuthorJonathan Claydon