Calculus students are bad at algebra. It's not totally their fault. Algebra is hard. Algebra requires an immense out of experience to perfect. Something you may forget if you're 15 years into teaching and throw your hands up as the children yet again disappoint you.

In an effort to constantly remind my stewards that all the old stuff matters, I wanted a way to jog their memory on the regular. Thus, Throwback Thursday was born.

Due to the nature of our bell schedule, I see both sections for a long time on Thursdays. At some point during that class period, they have to complete an assignment on vintage material.

I'm not sure how effective it is yet. But, their unit circle trig is getting better. I have some other plans for this in the future. Including things like create a unit circle from scratch, calculator showdown, and equations of lines, to name a few.

As I keep saying, confidence is my enemy. I'm hoping things like Throwback Thursday will help them know some things in their sleep.

AuthorJonathan Claydon