It's packing time. All the kids think I'm moving rooms. No kids, we do this every year before we get deactivated and stored in cryo-sleep until August.

I'm nowhere needing some landing page for all of my summer appearances, but I do have a decent agenda this go 'round.

Personal Goals and Appearances

  • I have to learn what's classified as Calculus AB these days
  • I have to slog through AP certification July 15-18
  • I need an assessment/homework system that fits my style for said Calc AB
  • I have no major room redesign ideas for once, yay!
  • I have (at the moment) no need to spend a lot on room equipment for once, yay!
  • I am totally stealing a student center idea I saw credited to the notorious M.H.G.
  • I am never investing in staplers again, kids BROKE THEM ALL
  • I am appearing at Twitter Math Camp, July 24-27 in Jenks, OK (along with 6 other people from my district) helping a bit with the Alg II group, leading a session on iPad stuff, and running a notebook Q&A, say hello!
  • I am totally prepping a do-it-yourself Pivot Algebra Two kit, just be patient
  • I am reading a lot of middle school and Algebra 1 standards because........

Future Responsibilities

  • I am assisting our on campus Algebra 1 team in finding a curriculum that works for them and bringing them into the notebook/SBG fold
  • I am participating in regular team meetings with Algebra 1 next year to help them through the initial hurdles
  • I am super excited about how motivated all the Algebra 1 people are after our first meeting, it's taken three years to get here
  • I am assisting the 8th grade math teams at two of our feeder schools in bringing high school practices to them, notebooks, notebooks, notebooks!
  • I am cautiously optimistic about how the first year of 8th grade deployment will go
  • I am doing my notebook/testing/iPad thing in our local district staff developments August 4th and 5th
  • I am pumped to have an honest to goodness Pre Cal team next year, if you thought Sidewalk Chalk was cool with 100 kids, OMG you have no idea what's coming...

All the extra advising sounds like a lot, but I've been soap boxing about notebooks and SBG for so long I can do the whole pitch in my sleep. I'm starting to be able to write a curriculum in my sleep too, which is a tad scary. Props to my fabulous campus for listening to me go on and on and on and on about this stuff. Next year all 9 math courses we offer will be implementing notebooks to a degree, and 7 will be implementing weekly assessments with emphasis on feedback.

Exciting times. Thanks to all the superstar twitter teachers who have gotten me here.

AuthorJonathan Claydon