Some updates on two initiatives: providing resources and shutting up.

First, partly for accountability purposes, I'm doing all the Calculus homework and providing solutions via shared Dropbox folder. I passed out a link which lets me track usage.

Homework is assigned Monday and due Friday. The giant spikes are Thursday nights. I'm fine with that. Due Friday means due Friday. Other AP classes are a tad more demanding because of reading, so this gives them a chance to find time when necessary. I have 50 students, and I'd say 2/3 of them said they use this resource regularly. The assignments aren't super long.

Second, helping less. They were struggling with related rates, I think that's like the law in Calculus or something. Here are some easy things, overthink them to death. Sigh. Anyway. They needed some more practice, I had a scheduled absence coming up. I pass out the problem set and say you have to do 5 out of 8, solutions are posted. I'm not going to much use to you (because I'll be absent but I'm not going to tell you). The gigantic spike on the right there is them accessing the solutions while I was away. Perfect.

PreCal is also getting the helping less treatment, which I'll save for a later date.

AuthorJonathan Claydon