My classroom is my eternal playground. Some highlights of this year's version.

The teacher space is tiny. There are 36 kids in here at certain points of the day, and they need the space more than I do. My first year my teacher desk was 1000% bigger than this. A class of 25 was also mind blowingly huge at the time. The device cabinet has moved over here and the landing zone for kid things like pencil sharpeners and tissues.

There's seating for six at every group now. I developed some emergency plans in case that's not enough. The back of the room is a lot more efficient. One of those TVs used to float out in the middle of the room which was a pain to walk around. I'm hoping it's not too cramped in the little rows between the tables.

I had notebook in two spots last year because there used to be some other things on this table. Whatever junk it was is gone so all the books should fit over here without an issue.

I organized the supply table a little more. The glue sticks are in a container for dishwasher pods. Every table has some scissors is former pineapple containers. The bonus was all the pineapple I got to eat to acquire these containers. No more staplers, they all got broken. RIP all the staplers.

I am extraordinarily pumped for this school year.

AuthorJonathan Claydon