I have never been challenged so much by students. I have never enjoyed a semester so thoroughly start to finish. And, I have never taught at such scale.

This semester was nuts. My students were amazing, and we haven't even gotten to the movies yet. So many times this year I had to step back and come to grips with how much of everything was going on. When we return for the spring, it will be an adjustment remembering what it's like to present to a noisy audience of 36.

I like playing with numbers. The sheer quantity of things got me thinking. Fiddling with Illustrator got me this (full size PDF):

Some personal observations:

  • No one tell first year me about this
  • I interact daily with about 15% of the junior and senior classes
  • I interact daily with about 9% of the school
  • There are more Pre-Cal students in 3 sections than I had in 4 last year
  • Some months ago I estimated I've taught 800 students, it's 759
  • 90 of them had me more than once
  • That number excludes about 200 who know me via athletics or otherwise
  • My Pre-Cal students are amazing
  • Calc leaves me cautiously optimistic

Exciting. Excited.

AuthorJonathan Claydon