As my iPad set grew, charging them started to become a problem. We have a cart to store them in that has a few power strips and some dedicated USB chargers. There are only so many outlets to go around, so I couldn't use all the stock chargers. I had a set of 10 and had to do charging in shifts. It made the cabinet a mess. The dedicated USB chargers are underpowered for their task (10W, 0.5A shared among 4 ports, a full size iPad draws 12W on its own), and when the cart is loaded up, they can't sustain enough juice for an iPad (a string of ding-ding-ding noises as the iPad gains and loses power).

Enter this bad boy.


These are 5-port, 40W, 8A chargers by Anker. They cost $25 each and I bought 5. These have the juice necessary to power a ton of devices and let me get rid of the mountain of power chargers cluttering up the cabinet.

After some sharpie labeling and cable snaking, here they are installed:

The body is coated in rubber, so mounting them to the side with a velcro patch didn't really work out, but this is ok. When outputting full power they get very warm (VERY warm), so they need some air to breathe. I plugged in 20 devices and heard none of the ding-ding-ding problems from the underpowered chargers. Plus, look at all these adapters I don't have to use:

As a bonus, I used the fifth one to solve a nagging problem I had last year. With the prevalence of cell phones (I can hear you now OMG CELLPHONES HATE HATE HATE, but calm down a bit), my outlets would get commandeered whether I granted permission or not. Often it was at the expense of the pencil sharpener or some other critical thing.

Sitting on the top of the cart is my solution, a phone charging station. Charge it here, stop touching my outlets. 

The reduction of cabinet clutter is fantastic. There were three power strips in that thing, all plugged into each other (super safe guys). Now it's only one.

AuthorJonathan Claydon