This one is simple. In my pursuit to build a better Algebra II, we have spent a long time solving equations of all shapes and sizes. Equations I never thought an academic-level student was capable of understanding four years ago.

Once we end a group of functions I've had them construct fact sheets.

The format is the same each time. Identifying the function type, demonstrating a solution with algebra, and provide a graph that validates the algebra. For the first fact sheet they simply included the right parent function graph, the whole "algebra and graphs love each other" came a few weeks later.

I like the activity for a lot of reasons. It serves as a good review of a topic, continues to reinforce the algebra mechanics I've been stressing all year, and makes them more and more proficient at graphing and using our technology infrastructure. Plus, the process of making them creates a super casual atmosphere. Just a bunch of kids hanging out making some pretty pictures about math. The most recent fact sheet covered logarithms and exponentials at a very high level. After several months of training at this point all I have to say is "the printer is on" and they know what to do. I had to troubleshoot some equation formatting here and there but that's it.

AuthorJonathan Claydon