Not long ago I mentioned how beneficial a 180 Blog can be professionally. Personally, it has the side effect of giving you tons of action shots from your classroom throughout the year. Every so often you'll hear someone mention that student work outside on the wall doesn't tell the whole story.

This year I combed through my photo collection to make a fun poster.

I picked out 80 of the best pictures (and secret selfies the kids thought I wouldn't find) from the collection and assembled them on this 24" x 36" sheet. It took an hour or two of fiddling in Illustrator. Printing it cost about $40. You could do a cheaper version by running off the 4 x 6 prints and taping them down (about $20), but that would take up a lot more space. These photos are 2 x 3.

It looks amazing in person.

AuthorJonathan Claydon