As far as site traffic goes, my photo collection is the least popular. Did you know I have a photo collection? Seriously, go look at my photo collection.


Traffic concerns miss the point though. Chronicling my school year in pictures is the most valuable thing I do for myself. And really, I am the primary audience for this whole endeavor. A 180 Photos collection helps me immensely when I'm trying to remember what happened last week or serves as a spring board for a future post. Most importantly, it helps demonstrate what life is like in my classroom to someone who can't see it everyday, like my appraiser. Our appraisal system has minimal walk throughs. Sometimes they'll catch something cool, or they might just observe how you administer a test. When prompted to document behaviors that were not observed, I go immediately to my photo collection. Technology integration, student engagement, you name it. It's there somewhere.

How To

It's an easy thing to do, but it can be tricky to establish a rhythm. Find something, anything, to take a picture of during each school day. It doesn't have be lesson related.

Day 136

See what I mean?

And you don't have to capture EVERY day. Sometimes there's just nothing, or you forget. That's ok. In 2012-13, I captured a photo on 138 out of 178 school days. This year I managed 154 out of 178. It just takes a little practice.

I do a very easy version of 180 Blogging. Many super awesome people do a great job:

Noschese180 - the godfather of the 180 Blog from Frank
180 Days @ NHS - my co-worker goes the picture gallery route
Physics180 - notorious MHG posts a picture and a brief explanation of the activity
ShahKinnell180 - the great Shah teamed up with a co-worker


Write it down as a goal for next year. Even if you don't post them. You'll be thankful when it comes time to reflect. After a few days you'll reach for the camera automatically.

AuthorJonathan Claydon