The success of the Estimation Wall got me thinking. There's got to be another massive craft project my Algebra II class can embark upon.

Due to the decline of required state testing, and the length of the second semester, I believe I will have more class time than I know what to do with towards the end of the school year. Thus, at the conclusion of conic sections, we take some time to reflect on what we did and construct the Algebra Wall.

What is the Algebra Wall? Well, here's a rough sketch.


Each panel showcases some aspect covered during the year. Students would provide several examples of each type as well as demonstrating how graphing validates the algebra. For things like exponentials and polynomials it would be a little different, showing off growth/decay functions and the properties of a high degree polynomial. Rational functions would focus on asymptotes and be more graph based.

I think the idea is to assign a group of students a panel, which works out to 3 kids a panel more or less. The other option is to determine a specific number of parts that are necessary and let kids sign up for so many parts each (2 or 3) regardless of the panel.

Display options get tricky. Do we find a way to mount this to lockers? A nice patch of wall? Keep it to my room? I'd love for this to be a permanent installation in the school rather than just outside my door.

Another issue is timing. If we wait until we're completely done, construction would be in May and its on display for what, two weeks? Or do we build a few panels now, and a few later so that it becomes a work in progress?

I definitely need to create an example panel to get a feel for the size. There's some good potential here.

AuthorJonathan Claydon