Summer was dragging along and then like always, late July hits and it's time to move in before you know it. This week marks moving day. My setup is a bit more complicated than others AND I'm hosting the Pre-Cal portion of our curriculum updates on Friday, so the arrangement begins before our official reporting date.

It's Year 5, and I'm feeling pretty comfortable. Does this mean I'm headed for some Nowak-inspired vacation in South America before changing careers? I don't think so. 

A few issues that need to be addressed in the next couple weeks: 

  • The annual Target/Office Depot run is looming, I need bigger notebook tubs
  • I feel like I could fiddle with my room arrangement, but the flow felt pretty good last year
  • I only have 1 section of Algebra II, which means there will be tons of experimentation, it's the perfect scenario for my curriculum re-think 
  • I have yet to make a new draft of assessments for my Algebra II re-write, I really don't know what they'll look like yet
  • My problem sets in Algebra II need a similar makeover
  • I have an agenda for my Pre-Cal presentation on Friday, needs work though
  • I have 4 sections of Pre-Cal and they're a bit smaller, the amount of art supplies I'm going to go through will be insane
  • I already have a bit of a headache at the thought of producing 4 class films at the end of the year, will they still be good? Should that project be modified? 
  • Thanks to the TMC Pre-Cal session, I fiddled with my Pre-Cal curriculum a little bit, I have to retype a few things to reflect this
  • I loved the impact that 180 Photos had, need to get that rolling again
  • I'm very excited about the first day, that's a good sign

This year I run smack into being 30. Long ago when I graduated college I thought I'd be in that owning a house stage of life by now. I'll trade owning a house for a satisfying career. The insurance premiums are certainly lower.

AuthorJonathan Claydon