The soccer games are all over. The bells are done ringing. The papers are all graded. The seniors are all graduated.

2012-13 is over and it was one of the most demanding from start to finish, but I never felt more comfortable from start to finish. Highlights:

  • Mentored a student teacher, helped him get a job
  • Taught a personal record 211 students (147 math, 64 athletics)
  • Learned to drive a school bus
  • Went 10-4-4 in 9th grade soccer, 2-3-1 in 8th grade soccer (37-21-17 lifetime)
  • Taught 4 staff development sessions, presented to people who paid money to be there
  • Documented almost every day
  • Helped SBG gain traction in AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, Chemistry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Geometry, and Math Models
  • Built a small army of 15 iPads
  • Produced 3 class movies
  • Co-hosted Global Math with Kate Nowak to a record crowd
  • Handed out over a thousand stickers
  • Used hundreds of glue sticks and straws
  • Produced a sidewalk chalk masterpiece

Last but certainly not least, the old projector was retired. Through administrative support, the large interactive whiteboard at the front of my room has been replaced with a 60" HDTV. Brighter picture, higher resolution, no fan noise, and the last piece in a slowly built puzzle. Many a student has asked "you don't use the ActivBoard anymore?" (ignoring the fact that I never used it as intended with the projector) before getting a look from me and realizing "yeah, this is better."


It showed up a little after Spring Break, and was accompanied by a cable upgrade. Previously I had a 8-port VGA splitter and miles of VGA cable snaking in the room. Everything has gone digital. Widescreen monitors at my desk and podium, and HDMI cables all routed to this little beast (which is ice cold to the touch despite all the work it does):


You say I'm crazy. I love being crazy. Happy Summer.

AuthorJonathan Claydon