As if on cue, I found a few more bits of test expression in last week's stack of papers:


Exhibit A always puts stuff like that on papers. Normally it's a series of ?s scrawled next to perfectly executed work. A telltale sign that Exhibit A should learn to turn off the self doubting. Even though Exhibit A has been living in an SBG system for almost a year (where it's effectively impossible to "fail" in the traditional sense), tests are still being connected to the possibility of failure. Exhibit B has gotten lazy in the last month and I've been attempting to point this out. It was the only test out of 90 that complained about lack of time. Exhibit C is a fan of the internet. If you google "this ninja only allows..." you'll see other examples of this particular brand of test art. Oddly enough, Exhibit C got 4/4 on every section of this test, so I'm not sure what was the cause of worry. A student did a similar thing last year and the result was the same.

I enjoy all forms of test art, presents a fascinating look into how students deal with a "stressful" situation. Responding is a nice covert way to build relationships and make it apparent that everything they write is observed and mattered.

AuthorJonathan Claydon