One of my favorite things. Like, for serious. Funny part is I had the idea on a whim walking to my car during the school day to go run an errand a year ago. As I talked about the other day, I'm trying to take activities I've done before and increase the workload so that the activity isn't the only way a student gets to practice something. In version one, the students were handed the list of graphs sight unseen the day we went outside to draw. They dragged TI-84s and tried to piece together what they were looking at. We got all the artwork done but the pixelated screens had an unfortunate side effect:


They aren't exactly that pointy. This year, I made sure to get some work in with the graphs, and found a better tool for doing so. They were also required to prep the graphs in advance. The cool side effect there was it got them playing with desmos on their own, many finding that the average cell phone these days is up to the challenge (cue TI not seeing this as a problem). Due to an early release schedule we only had about 20 minutes per class to be outside, so everything had to ready to go so they could focus on the chalking. A few snapped pictures of their graphs with their phones so they didn't have to take the paper outside. A few were loading up desmos as we worked because they lost one or forgot to do it or something. It was a very modern math experience. 


Last year the end result was big, but this was HUGE. I had 90 Pre-Cal students this year each using two sidewalk blocks. It was a sight to behold. At the end of the day I photographed each block and hope to find the time to stitch it together. My rough estimate is that it's about 800 feet long. We started the day with about 140 pieces of chalk. There are maybe 30 left.


Until next year.

AuthorJonathan Claydon