It's Spring Break time and in the run up to vacation we spent the last two weeks administering a mix of real and benchmark exams to almost all of our students. It created a bit of a void in instruction. So the plan is to spend the break gearing up for the final leg of the school year. In the mean time, here's some reading material of things I've enjoyed so far. And while benchmarking has meant a derth of interesting activities, there's still plenty to see in my Year in Photos.

Log War - My #1 favorite thing so far this school year
Management Pains - The annoying maintenance that no one tells you about when you get a class set of iPads
Inverse Trig Investigation - Teaching students how to fill in the gaps for problem solving
Spirit Day! - My new favorite tradition
Look Around You - Triangles are more than arbitrary figures on a whiteboard


AuthorJonathan Claydon